Our Baby Girl

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Our Baby Girl!

Yes, we are expecting a baby girl on September 8th, 2006! We had our first ultrasound yesterday. It was the most amazing thing to see the baby on the screen! We did not take our eyes off the screen for one second.

I (Emily) had to show up at the appointment with an extremely full bladder and it was not very pleasant! I could barely walk. Once they turned on the screen and our baby popped on the screen, I did not care about how my bladder was feeling. :)

Our baby would not stop moving - she kept moving away from the ultrasound 'wand'. We loved it that she kept kicking, moving around, showing us that she was having fun in there. We hope! We did not want to be finished with the ultrasound appointment. I told Dan that I wanted to be like Tom Cruise and buy our own ultrasound machine! haha :)

Up above are photos of our beloved baby girl! Now, we get to focus on girl names. We will post up pictures, stories, and etc... throughout this pregnancy. Make sure to check in when you can.

With much love,
Emily & Dan